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My favourite books!

I LOVE reading, I love escaping the real world for a little while and being transported to a new one. The romance genera is my favourite, I am a hopeless romantic so reading these books give me hope I can find the type of love I read about in the real world. The Twisted series - Ana Huang  The main reason my expectation of men is so high lol. Honestly, if you've read these books you will know what I'm on about, but oh my GOD these books are just wow, the characters, the plot, the whole story's  being linked together between all 4 books *chef's kisses* Rhys Larsen and Christian Harper have my heart, I need a man like them in my life! The Off Campus Series - Elle Kennedy  Just like the Twisted series these books have made my expectations of men so high, especially John Logan. These books follow 4 Ice hockey players and I LOVE any book about ice hockey. These books are just amazing, they have some good funny bits in, book number 3 especial, I really recommend these books.