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Things to do in Autumn

Autumn is here yey! Autumn is the season which makes me the happiest and I alway try make the most out of  September, October and November. Read a good book - There's nothing better then lighting candles, getting into some comfy clothes, having a nice hot drink and reading a book, currently I'm reading the Bridgerton series books But any book with a good story is good for me. Hang fairy lights in your room - Fairly lights can make your room 10 times more cozy, if you can't have candles in your room at Uni these will make up for them. I get mine from Primark for like £2.50 but they have to be the copper ones, Watch films - Defiantly one of the best things to do in Autumn, settling down when you can hear the rain on your windows and relaxing. I love to watch movies on Disney Plus especially the princess films and any seasonal ones. Going on a walk - Where I live I'm lucky I have a lovely little place where I can walk and it's nice and peaceful. I like to grab a ho

Seasonal scents - Wax melt review

Welcome to my new blog! I found this little business on Instagram and when I found it, I feel in love with her products. On the 1st September she launched her Autumn range and I had to get my hands on them because they look amazing! She is so so talented and all her products are handmade. Click  Here  to get your hands on some of the best wax melts ever! A little bit about Seasonal scent s - ' I started my business about 6 months ago, after quitting a job that I wasn’t enjoying. I’ve always been a very creative person, with a passion for home fragrance, so I decided to begin by making candles. This led on to so many more things which I never envisioned achieving but I’m so thankful to be where I am now! I study art & design at college, so along with making all of the products, I also enjoy experimenting with the photography side of things! I’ve particularly enjoyed the autumn range as it’s allowed me to photograph in depth with lots of props! So I suppose since starting my l