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Glisten & Glow Wax Co review

Last year I wrote a blogpost reviewing a wax melt company called  Seasonal scents , well last January she rebranded to create Glisten&Glow wax co, I asked her why she decided to rebrand and she said " the main reason that I rebranded was because I wanted to create more ‘luxury’ products. I wanted to sell high end products but for an affordable price. I also found the name SeasonalScents’ rather restricting, which is one of the reasons for the name change. I’m really happy with the rebrand, I now really love and am happy with the products I now sell, and can’t wait to expand in future!" Today I'm going to be reviewing some of her new products! Diamonds - This is a dupe of the Armani perfume, I've not smelt this perfume but with the smell of the wax melt , I think I will invest. Calpol - Now we all remember this from our childhood, it was the only plus side of getting ill, and I'm happy to say that this smells exactly like it!  Avobath - If you are a Lush fan yo