Glisten & Glow Wax Co review

Last year I wrote a blogpost reviewing a wax melt company called Seasonal scents, well last January she rebranded to create Glisten&Glow wax co, I asked her why she decided to rebrand and she said "the main reason that I rebranded was because I wanted to create more ‘luxury’ products. I wanted to sell high end products but for an affordable price. I also found the name SeasonalScents’ rather restricting, which is one of the reasons for the name change.
I’m really happy with the rebrand, I now really love and am happy with the products I now sell, and can’t wait to expand in future!"
Today I'm going to be reviewing some of her new products!
Diamonds - This is a dupe of the Armani perfume, I've not smelt this perfume but with the smell of the wax melt, I think I will invest.
Calpol - Now we all remember this from our childhood, it was the only plus side of getting ill, and I'm happy to say that this smells exactly like it! 
Avobath - If you are a Lush fan you will know the exact bath bomb I'm talking about, this smells exactly like the bath bomb and it just smells like summer! 
Lady Million - Just like the Diamond one this is a dupe of the Paco Rabanne perfume, I've not smelt this one either but I'm sure it smells exactly like it. It's not really my cup of tea, but it still smells great.
Love spell - This was part of her Valentines day collection so sadly It isn't available anymore but OMG it smells just like the Victoria Secret spray! 
Snow Fairy - Yep, just like the popular scent from Lush, as I'm writing this I have it burning and my room has never smelt so sweet! This is my favourite scent from Lush's Christams range and to be able to burn it anytime of the year makes me happy.
Chanel NO 5 -  Just like the very popular perfume, and yes It does smell like the exact thing, when I burn this it makes me feel rich and that I can actually afford Chanel. 
La Vie Est Belle - The last one of the list, this is a dupe of the perfume from Lancome, It smells absolutely AMAZING! I've never smelt it but I defiantly will be buying it.
If you love wax melts and like luxury this is the place to get it from, they sell other items such as candles, wax burners and other little products. Click HERE to shop her full collection! 
Lots of love 
Leah XO


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