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Autumn essentials

Autumn is my favourite time of year, the leaves are changing colour, it gets a little colder and you can be all nice and cosy. I like to be prepared for Autumn because one day it could be raining and the next it could be sunny, so here are some Autumn essentials. A nice winter coat - Probably one of the main essential thing on this list, a nice and warm winter coat, I love mine that's from Zara BUT instead of paying like £70 I got mine of an app called Vinted for £30! This is one of my favourite item to wear for Autumn and Winter, it the main essential. A cosy bobble hat - I want to thank Zoe Sugg for giving me the confidence to wear a bobble hat, I never felt comfortable wearing one but watching Zoe's vlog's I can't go a day without wearing one. Perfect to wear on a nice Autumn walk. I got mine out of a Zoella gift set. A nice pair of boots -  These are my all time favourites boots, there in the style of Dr. Martens but I got mine from Primark for only £6! They a