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What I'm going to do after lockdown

The day we are all looking forward to, when this nightmare is over. I can't be the only one who has planned what they want to do after lockdown ends right? I honestly can't wait to get back to college really and finish getting my degree in Patisserie and become a fully qualified Patisserie chef and start achieving my dreams, but that story's for another time.   The first thing I want to do after lockdown is go for a meal in a restaurant, I work in a kitchen and the place I work I'm cooking for other people and I'm so exited to have food cooked for me by someone else. I really want a Nandos SO BADLY! Also a pub meal, like at a Wetherspoons, oh my gosh just the though of it makes me hungry.  The next thing is shop, I want to go to Meadowhall, Leeds, Manchester anywhere there is a huge shopping centre and just shop till I drop, I just want to spend my hard earned money in a proper shop, where you can actually interact with someone, I know we will still have to still we