What I'm going to do after lockdown

The day we are all looking forward to, when this nightmare is over. I can't be the only one who has planned what they want to do after lockdown ends right? I honestly can't wait to get back to college really and finish getting my degree in Patisserie and become a fully qualified Patisserie chef and start achieving my dreams, but that story's for another time. 
 The first thing I want to do after lockdown is go for a meal in a restaurant, I work in a kitchen and the place I work I'm cooking for other people and I'm so exited to have food cooked for me by someone else. I really want a Nandos SO BADLY! Also a pub meal, like at a Wetherspoons, oh my gosh just the though of it makes me hungry.
 The next thing is shop, I want to go to Meadowhall, Leeds, Manchester anywhere there is a huge shopping centre and just shop till I drop, I just want to spend my hard earned money in a proper shop, where you can actually interact with someone, I know we will still have to still wear out mask but I'm okay with that.
 I want to have the best summer yet, 2018 was hand down one of the best summers I've had, I was on cloud nine but this summer will top it, I'll make sure of it. I will spend more time with my friends and live life more, If this virus has thought me anything it's to make the most of life, you don't know how long you have left. 
 I will go to Disneyland, yep you read that right, I've never been to Disneyland and for my 20th birthday that's where I want to go. I love Disney and I've been begging my mum and dad for ages, I want to meet Belle and Marie, I want to go on the tea cups, and I really want a Disney churro, apparently they are the best, ooo also a Mickey apple.
 I will also go abroad (I know a lot of traveling) I would do anything to be in a nice, sunny, warm place lounging by a pool reading a book and sunbathing. Last year we was meant to go where they filmed Mamma Mia (one of my all time favourite films) so hopefully we can go there and I can reenact "the winner takes it all".
I know this seems like such a long way away and that we will never get there, but one day we will and that will be the best day ever.
Lots of love 
Leah XO


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