Just wanna let this story die, and I'll be alright

 Yes, that title are lyrics from Ariana Grande's new song. Even though her song is about forgetting someone you loved, this blog post is about forgetting the past few months.   The past few months for me have just been AWFUL! I don't know if I'm the only one but I can't believe how much has gone wrong in so little time, I just wish the universe would just give me a break. I feel like I'm in a nightmare and I just can't wake up from it, and there just doesn't seem to be a light anymore.  Back in January I really started to hate my job, to the point before my shift I would cry in the car and on the way home I would bawl my eyes out. I finally said enough and started looking for a new job. It took me a month till I found a new job, I went for a trial shift and all went well, so I handed in my notice and was so exited to get out of such a toxic work environment. Cut to the night before I was supposed to start and I hadn't heard anything from him in a week. S

My favourite books!

I LOVE reading, I love escaping the real world for a little while and being transported to a new one. The romance genera is my favourite, I am a hopeless romantic so reading these books give me hope I can find the type of love I read about in the real world. The Twisted series - Ana Huang  The main reason my expectation of men is so high lol. Honestly, if you've read these books you will know what I'm on about, but oh my GOD these books are just wow, the characters, the plot, the whole story's  being linked together between all 4 books *chef's kisses* Rhys Larsen and Christian Harper have my heart, I need a man like them in my life! The Off Campus Series - Elle Kennedy  Just like the Twisted series these books have made my expectations of men so high, especially John Logan. These books follow 4 Ice hockey players and I LOVE any book about ice hockey. These books are just amazing, they have some good funny bits in, book number 3 especial, I really recommend these books.

Change is good!

 If 2016 me could see me now she would be so proud, that might sound big headed but I'm honestly so proud of how far I've come. Back in 2016 life was not pretty for me, it's when I first found out I suffered with anxiety and panic attacks, I was having a horrid time in school and I felt like I was a burden on my friends. I really didn't want to be here anymore, but I kept going in life and I'm glad I did.  I have defiantly changed in the last 6/7 years, I'm a lot more confident, I'm a blonde! My acne isn't as bad and my taste in clothes and makeup have changed lol. I'm so glad this new side of me has managed to come out because if I was still the scared girl I was back in school, I would have never have gone to college and became a Patisserie Chef and the biggest thing... Started a business!!!  I can't remember if I've told you all but back in November 2021 I started my own little cake business! I've always wanted to own my own bakery bus

A new chapter

Dearest readers... Have you missed me? Bit of Bridgerton there for ya. After a very long break I'm back to doing what I love, blogging. I'm very exited to get back to it and for you to read all the blog post that are coming.   The first thing I have done is FINALLY bought a domain for my blog, so you are now reading (bit easier then putting blogspot in your searches) I have been wanting to do this for soo long so I finally did. The next thing is when I will be posting, a new post should be going up on Mondays at 6.00pm, and if there is no post then I've obviously forgotten oops. The last thing is I want my blog to be very Zoella 2009 - 2018 vibes, as she has inspired me so much to do all this. and is also the main reason I decided I want to blog.   I really hope you enjoy this new chapter of Leah Diana and stay to read the next chapter... Lots of Love  Leah XO 

How to transition into Autumn

I know Autumn isn't for another few weeks but I am already in the Autumn spirit. I love changing my room from light and breezy to warm and cosy. Here are a few ways you can transition into Autumn. Switch up your wardrobe  Start drinking seasonal drinks (pumpkin spiced drinks are the best and gingerbread hot chocolates)  Get them candles and wax mets lit  Get your hat, gloves and scarf out BAKE! (Apple pie is great for this time of year, click  here  to take a look) Plan for Halloween  Watch seasonal Youtube videos. I love watching old Zoe Sugg ones Watch Halloween films, (It's never to early to start watching them, especially Hocus Pocus) These are just some of the ways to transition into Autumn, if I was to list everything this would be a long post. Lots of love  Leah XO

Goodbye Summer

Hello! I do apologies for my absence, I now work full time and I have had no time to write any summer blogpost. I'm not a very big fan of summer, don't get me wrong I love the sun and being able to wear my dresses but It's my least favourite season, so I'm glad we're saying goodbye to Summer.  This summer for me has honestly been so boring, I've worked practically every single day, I didn't do anything fun however, It was better then last summer because I wasn't heartbroken and crying most of the time. As we say goodbye to Summer we say hello to the best season Autumn! If you've been following me for a while, you will know I LOVE Autumn and unlike Summer I plan to make Autumn as jam packed as I can.  I'm exited for them crips Autumn mornings and the seasonal drinks. I'm exited for crunchy leafs and going conker picking. Halloween and bonfire night. So get them bikinis and dresses away and get out your wooly hats and scarfs out and say goodbye

My comfort films

We all have them films that we watch when we need cheering up or that we just can't get enough of. Chicken run - Yes the Aardman animation about the chickens who wants to escape from Tweedy's farm. I have watched this film since it first came out and I'm very exited for the second film to come to Netflixs. It may be a kids film but it's brilliant. The Rocky Horror Picture Show - This is my favourite musical so I alway watch this at least once a month, I will always do the time warp and sing along at the top of my lungs. Not many people like this because they think it's weird but that just means they're boring. Heathers (but the non musical one) -  Made in 1988 starting a young Winona Ryder and Christian Slater. The main reason I like this is because JD (played by Christian Slater) reminds me of Aidan Gallagher (I have a bug crush on him). The way he speak and acts is just like him. Also, movies from the 80's are just amazing. BRATZ the movie - This was the f