Goodbye Summer

Hello! I do apologies for my absence, I now work full time and I have had no time to write any summer blogpost. I'm not a very big fan of summer, don't get me wrong I love the sun and being able to wear my dresses but It's my least favourite season, so I'm glad we're saying goodbye to Summer. 
This summer for me has honestly been so boring, I've worked practically every single day, I didn't do anything fun however, It was better then last summer because I wasn't heartbroken and crying most of the time.
As we say goodbye to Summer we say hello to the best season Autumn! If you've been following me for a while, you will know I LOVE Autumn and unlike Summer I plan to make Autumn as jam packed as I can. 
I'm exited for them crips Autumn mornings and the seasonal drinks. I'm exited for crunchy leafs and going conker picking. Halloween and bonfire night.
So get them bikinis and dresses away and get out your wooly hats and scarfs out and say goodbye to Summer, and give a big warm welcome to Autumn :)
Lots of love 
Leah XO


  1. Summer is definitely my favourite time of year but I’m super excited for the upcoming months, especially Halloween!

    Courtney x


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