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Just wanna let this story die, and I'll be alright

 Yes, that title are lyrics from Ariana Grande's new song. Even though her song is about forgetting someone you loved, this blog post is about forgetting the past few months.   The past few months for me have just been AWFUL! I don't know if I'm the only one but I can't believe how much has gone wrong in so little time, I just wish the universe would just give me a break. I feel like I'm in a nightmare and I just can't wake up from it, and there just doesn't seem to be a light anymore.  Back in January I really started to hate my job, to the point before my shift I would cry in the car and on the way home I would bawl my eyes out. I finally said enough and started looking for a new job. It took me a month till I found a new job, I went for a trial shift and all went well, so I handed in my notice and was so exited to get out of such a toxic work environment. Cut to the night before I was supposed to start and I hadn't heard anything from him in a week. S