Autumn essentials

Autumn is my favourite time of year, the leaves are changing colour, it gets a little colder and you can be all nice and cosy. I like to be prepared for Autumn because one day it could be raining and the next it could be sunny, so here are some Autumn essentials.

A nice winter coat - Probably one of the main essential thing on this list, a nice and warm winter coat, I love mine that's from Zara BUT instead of paying like £70 I got mine of an app called Vinted for £30! This is one of my favourite item to wear for Autumn and Winter, it the main essential.
A cosy bobble hat - I want to thank Zoe Sugg for giving me the confidence to wear a bobble hat, I never felt comfortable wearing one but watching Zoe's vlog's I can't go a day without wearing one. Perfect to wear on a nice Autumn walk. I got mine out of a Zoella gift set.
A nice pair of boots -  These are my all time favourites boots, there in the style of Dr. Martens but I got mine from Primark for only £6! They are the most comfortable shoes I have, perfect for a long walk in the Autumn breeze.
A darker lip - I feel in Autumn it's the best time to wear a darker lip, I don't like it to be too dark just a bit darker then what I normally wear. I love to wear either M.A.C "twig" or M.A.C "brave". These are both a lovely dark pink colour which I love. Obviously you can get cheeper one or even go a bit darker.
A scented candle - A way to be cosy in Autumn is to light many candles, I love he one's from Home Bargains, they smell amazing and a big jar only cost around £3.
A travel mug - These are brilliant, I love taking a hot drink with me whenever I go on a walk or on a long drive, I'll fill it up with a tea or hot chocolate, and take a stroll while breathing in the Autumn air.
An umbrella/raincoat - It's always good to take an umbrella out with you because the weather is very unpredictable in Autumn. However if it raining when you have planned to go out a raincoat is your best friends. You can get a super cheep one at charity shops or on second hand sites. (they're also amazing for spring).
A warm scarf - I love to style a scarf with whatever outfit I wear, I have two that I wear all through Autumn and Winter. My yellow one is from primark (they have the best ones) and my black and red is from Victoria Secret.

I hope I've given you some ideas on how to prepare for Autumn.
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Lots of love
Leah XO


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