Is SHEIN worth it?

About two weeks ago I places an order on SHEIN, I had heard some good things so I though I would give it ago myself. So was spending over £35 worth it?
 The first thing I ordered was some cable protectors, I'm always breaking my chargers and always having to buy more, the ones that I received are good and you get plenty in the bag. However I though they would have been all different colours but I got all White, but they still work and I'm happy with them.
 The nexts thing I got was a small tripod, so I could take pictures and can post baking videos on my other blog/instagram account, I'm really happy with it, its sturdy and does the trick. So if there's anyone who wants to make videos without getting an expensive tripod defiantly get one from SHEIN.
 I love having pictures on my wall so I got two, one of them sums me up and the other is just a lovely picture that I think will look nice on my wall. They are a really good size and printed on like canvas paper I think but all in all I love them both.
 I also bough a face mask but it's to big for my face, but its so so pretty and I'll definitely find a way for it to fit my small face.
 Now onto my items of clothing, I only bought 3 because I wanted too see what the quality was like and if they was worth it, The first item of clothing was a off the sholder black crop top that says "c'est la vie Paris" at first glance I thought "oh no it's going to be too small" but I was very happy that it fit and I love it.
 I also got some plaid print high waist trousers and when I opened them I thought they looked like PJ bottoms, but trying them on they actually look so nice. I love waring plaid trousers so I'm very happy with them.
 The last item I got is my favourite one out of them all, I had seen people all over Instagram and Twitter wearing them and they looked amazing. It was a long sleeved blue angle mesh top and I LOVE IT! The material is amazing and just looks amazing on. I really recommend buying one if you love that type of clothing.
 So is SHEIN worth it? YES, I would highly recommend buying from the site, my order came two week earlier then expected and I love all the products I got. I will be definetly placing another order during this lockdown.
Lots of love, L xo


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