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Winter is here and I'm so happy I love being all warm and cosy, this Winter I want to make it the best ever so I know these are the must haves of Winter.
A good book to read - We all love a cold Winters night when we get home close the curtains, get comfy for the night and read a good book, I love to read Christmas one as it gets me into the spirit. I get all mine from the works or charity shops, I can't wait to read it!
Fluffy socks - I can't stand having cold feet so fluffy socks are like my best friend, I love to get mine from Primark, I mean they are the best. Also slipper socks I love mine from Boux Avenue.
A warm drink - Every year Starbucks and Costa bring out there Christmas drinks and you have to have a chosen one, mine are the Gingerbread hot chocolates form Costa coffee, whats your? Let me know in the comments section.
Hand warmers - The saviour of winter, sometimes gloves aren't enough so we need that extra warmth to our hands, you can get these from Home Bargains or places like that. They are really easy to heat up again too.
A good smelling candle - Through December my chosen candle scent in definitely gingerbread. Whenever I get back from college or a day out this will be the first thing I do when entering my room.
A bobble hat - I mentioned this in my Autumn essentials but I think in Winter it's need a lot more to keep the ears all nice and warm. I got mine out of a Zoella gift set and it's my favourite one to wear.
A nice blanket - A nice cosy blanket can really change your mood I think, settling down with a film and a hot drink wrapped in a nice warm fluffy blanket, it the perfect way to end a day. Primark have some really great ones, I get all mine from there and the quality is amazing!
There we are some Winter must have's, If you think I've left anything off do let me know in the comments
Blogmas day 1
Lots of Love
Leah XO


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