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The big day is finally here! Im so exited for tomorrow to spend time with my family and I hope you are too. On Christmas Eve I normally wake up at 9 then spend an hour lounging around in bed watching TikToks and go on social media. Once I'm up I'll get changed normally into a Christmas jumper, comfy joggers and some cosy socks. I will come downstairs and my mum will have a bacon sandwich waiting on the table for me and my brother, also on Christmas Eve I'm aloud to open 1 present from my mum and dad and it's normally PJ's and fluffy socks.
The afternoon will roll around and during this time I will wrap any last minuets Christmas presents and watch too many Christmas films or listen to my Christmas playlist. I will also face time my friends to wish them a Merry Christmas.
Suddenly the evening will come around very quickly and we will normally have a simple tea, I will then help my dad prep for Christmas dinner and then head upstairs to have a nice bath. I will always use a Lush bath bomb and bubble bar and my gingerbread body lotion so I smell nice and Christmasy. I will then go downstairs make a hot chocolate and watch a Christmas film with my mum snacking on Quality Streets.
It will get to about 10 and I will head upstairs get into my nice a cosy Christmas bedding and spend some time on my phone watching some Vlogmas or again watching TikToks, I will then blow out all my candles turn my light off and go to sleep.
I hope you have enjoyed reading my Blogmas blog post and I hope you all have the best Christmas ever! I'll be back in January with plenty more blogpost.
Merry Christmas everyone!
Lots of love
Leah XO


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