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This is also a collaboration with my amazing friend Molly, I shall leave her blog and social media's down below. Over on her blog she asked me some Christmas question, I enjoyed asking Molly questions and hope to do it again soon.

Do you open any presents on Christmas eve?
Molly - We don't, I really like it this way as it leaves so much anticipation for Christmas day
What is your favourite Christmas song?
Molly - Ooo thats so difficult as there are so many, it's a toss up between Mistletoe by Justin Bieber and Do They Know It's Christmas by Band Aid
What is your favourite Christmas film?
Molly - The Grinch 10000%!! It just gives me all the Christmas vibes and it does kind of have a deeper meaning which is so sweet... I just love it!!!
What is your favourite thing's about Christmas?
Molly - I love Christmas for so so many reasons!! I love that your house always looks so beautiful when all the decorations are up (especially at night), I love the fact that everyone is so happy and it just gives off an amazing atmosphere all the time, and I love being able to spoil the people I love!!
When do you start getting exited for Christmas?
Molly - It literally does vary each year, however this year I have been exited since November first... however I believe it's about to get even more exiting now that it is getting closer and more people are getting into the Christmas spirit.
What's your favourite Christmas treat?
Molly - That's a really difficult one, it really depends on what I'm fancying at that moment in time. If it's something sweet I love quality street, the best ones are the red strawberry ones. However if it's savoury, either treeselets or salted peanuts! Very random I know.
What is your new years resolution?
Molly - I have quite a few this year... I would love to pass my driving test at some point (hopefully around June/July time. I want to grow my blog and Instagram, I am hoping for a distinction in my college this year and to be accepted into the new course I'm applying for.  Finally I want to take more time for me this year! It sounds like a lot but Im hoping that I can achieve a lot this year I feel like I've lost a lot more then I have gained.
What's your favourite Christmas candle?
Molly - In general it is anything apple and cinnamon, but this year it is definitely fig and cassis from seasonal scents. 
Thank you so much Molly for doing this Interview. She's just launched her new blog, I shall leave it linked down below and also her Instagram. Over on her blog she asked me some Christmas questions too!
Mollys Instagram
Mollys blog
Mollys Blog 
Lots of love
Leah XO



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